Mark Mayerson

Writer, Cartoonist, Sculptor

Mark Mayerson worked as an animator, director, screenwriter, and teacher. This site is a collection of his past work and his continuing work creating graphic novels and sculptures.

Latest additions to the website:

Tripp to Servility - The fourth Tripp graphic novel in progress

Life's a Funny Proposition - Visualizing a George M. Cohan song

The Elves and Two Shoemakers - a graphic novel

A Matter of Some Gravity - A short allegory

Tripp to Prosperity - The third Tripp graphic novel

The Paradox of the Survival Instinct - The instinct that keeps us alive is also a source of conflict

The Land That Banned Books - a comics version of an unproduced TV special

Return Tripp - a graphic novel sequel to Tripp to the Stars

Puppy Seeds - a picture book for children

How Canada Cheats Voters

Tripp to the Stars - a graphic novel

Mark Mayerson